DSC_9933Everything You Touch (The Theatre @ Boston Court)

“Keng…gives a performance so authentic, you’d swear Lewis popped by Boston Court from nearby Caltech. That Keng manages to give the computer nerd a sexy charm not necessarily in the script scores the up-and-comer bonus points.” – Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

“Arthur Keng’s delightfully chatty computer nerd Lewis” – Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema

“Arthur Keng is exceptional as Lewis, Jess’s terminally nerdy co-worker whose undying love for her is expressed as only he knows how…” – Travis Michael Holder, ArtsInLA

Tokyo Fish Story (Theatreworks)

“Keng must wear a dozen different costumes and manages to become vastly different characters in each one. It’s delightful to see him morph so quickly and with aplomb.” – Jeanie K. Smith, Palo Alto Weekly

“Keng does yeoman service in a variety of roles, from a sleazily self-assured competitor to a funny slapstick turn as an inept new hire.” – Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

“Keng is admirably versatile in his multiple roles.” – Julie Richter, The Daily Journal

“It is as Oishi, a bumbling clown of a hire who sends metal bowls flying and his torso falling, that is particularly the star role for Mr. Keng.” – Eddie Reynolds, Talkin’ Broadway

Much Ado About Something (Hollywood Fringe Festival)

“…top acting honors must go to Arthur Keng, whose performance as Don John is unlike any Don John I—or anyone else—has ever seen…His performance alone is worth the price of admission.” – Greg Machlin, Hollywood Fringe Reviews

“Arthur Keng was also wonderful as a hobbled alien plotting to take over the world.” – Jordan Scovel, Hollywood Fringe Reviews

“Arthur Keng is an especially incredible force, and every single choice he made was perfection.” – Gretchen Lodge, Hollywood Fringe Reviews

Normal (Hollywood Fringe Festival)

“As Justus, Arthur Keng goes through an incredible journey of hope and optimism to dark despair and violence…Keng seamlessly creates this arc, falling into temporary madness as his illusions of society crumble around him.” – Brittany Mosley, Horror Honeys

“Keng’s Wehner clearly charts the lawyer’s journey from confident savior to the haunted survivor of Kurten’s manipulations.” – Michael Van Duzer,

White Hot (Hollywood Fringe Festival)

“Wolfe and Keng’s performances are emotionally captivating, such that you can’t help but to keep watching in horror and disbelief.” – Miguel Garcia, Playwriting in the City

“Arthur Keng is mesmerizing” – Greg Machlin, Hollywood Fringe Reviews

Oblivion (B Street Theatre)

“Keng is wonderful in the role” – Jim Carnes, Sacramento Press

“Keng is actually the soul of the story” – Bev Sykes, The Davis Enterprise

Take Me Out (New Conservatory Theatre Center)

“Keng gives a fervent performance as Kawabata” – Richard Connema, Talkin’ Broadway

“on stage he pushes the Sessue Hayakawa buttons – the intense concentration, grace and fire of a Samurai.” – Sean Martinfield, San Francisco Sentinel

Mr. Marmalade (Custom Made Theatre)

“He’s the kind of versatile actor that we need to see more of.” – Lee Hartgrave, BeyondChron